Fronteiras Interdisciplinares da Antiguidade e suas Representações

Palestra do prof. dr. Günther Schörner, da Universidade de Viena

Palestra do Prof. Dr. Günther Schörner, da Universidade de Viena

A palestra será realizada no dia 01/03/2018, às 15:00, na sala 308 do prédio Bárbara Weinberg, CCHN, Ufes.

Palestrante: Prof. Dr. Günther Schörner (Institute of Classical Archaeology, University Vienna)

Título: Depictions of sacrifice in Roman Asia minor: Representing and remembering rituals in public space

Resumo: The material aspects of memory and remembrance – the cadre matériel of Maurice Halbwachs - allow also archaeology to join the growing field of Classical memory studies. As one spatial and chronological focus in the archaeological investigation, how and in by which material means social remembrance worked in antiquity, emerged Roman Asia minor. It has been revealed that one of the most important element and means of social remembrance is rituals. They are essential in maintaining (or creating) temporal coherence with the past and by that in preserving (or inventing) traditions. They also play a key role in building a specific polis-identity. Three case studies concerning sacrifices at Aphrodisias, Ephesus and Perge shall demonstrate how this has been achieved and how these specific rituals habe been depicted.


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